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EmployTest: Make Better Hiring Decisions

EmployTest’s online job tests equip employers to find the best talent, make smarter hiring decisions, and build their dream team

With the pandemic causing seismic shifts in the economy, millions of Americans are searching for jobs, which creates opportunities for companies to upgrade their talent to face the challenges ahead. Inundated with applicants, hiring managers and HR need a way to remotely pre-screen candidates to make the best hiring choices.

“In the coming year, hiring companies will be overwhelmed with job applicants, due to workforce reorganizations and the ease of applying online,” says Ken Crowell, founder and CEO of EmployTest, creator of customizable pre-employment screening assessments. “They will need an independent way to choose the best applicants. Our tests will help them with that process.”

EmployTest administers more than 60,000 tests to job applicants each year. More than 7,000 corporate and government organizations across the US and globally have used its assessments to make intelligent hiring decisions and avoid millions of dollars in hiring mistakes.

“We help combat low employee retention and other strategic issues by identifying the most qualified job applicants — the professionals who can immediately add organizational value,” Ken says.

EmployTest offers a wide variety of assessments in office and administrative, technological, and vocational skills, including Attention to Detail Tests and Microsoft Word Tests, plus behavioral profiles for customer service, management, professional and workplace success. Many tests can be customized to help organizations identify the best candidates for their specific job positions.

"Pre-employment job testing is a crucial need as companies recruit more remote workers. Employers need to know that the people they hire have not only the technical skills required, but also that they can analyze and solve problems, communicate effectively, and work both independently and as part of a team," Ken says.

“If you look at the Fortune 100 companies here in America, they are all doing some kind of pre-hire job testing for their job applicants,” he notes. “Here at EmployTest we've taken these same tools and now offer them in a different way that makes it a lot more affordable for small- to medium-sized organizations to use.”

As America struggles with questions of bias, these tests also provide a neutral, impartial way for corporate and government organizations to evaluate applicants based on their skills. All tests follow guidelines of the U.S. Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“Every person brings their own bias to a hiring process. Our tests, especially our skills-based tests, are an unbiased way to compare applicants. Their scores reflect how much they know. Those who know more will score better and thereby eliminate more of the human bias,” Ken says.

The tests also help employers avoid hiring mistakes that can add up to “astronomical” costs —something that companies particularly need to avoid during a recession. “Companies cannot afford to lose customers and have less employee productivity because of the wrong person in the job,” he says.

It’s not just companies that stand to gain from making the right match. Employees who wind up in jobs for which they are ill-suited face stress, frustration, and lost or delayed opportunities. This is a lesson Ken learned firsthand when he took his first job out of college selling business attire door-to-door, a gig he recalls as a “train wreck.”

Ken earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Georgia and a master’s in business administration (MBA) from Georgia State University. While in college, Ken recalls telling his wife that he did not care what kind of job he got, as long as he didn’t have to dress up in a suit.

“Then this job opportunity came along and I just blindly jumped into it. And the next thing I know I’m wearing high-end suits and I’m miserably cold-calling every day.”

Ken later found his calling working for one of the top companies providing pre-employment testing, and went on to found EmployTest. Today the company offers more than 250 assessments covering a range of hard and soft skills. All tests undergo extensive research, development, and validation to ensure they accurately and consistently measure desired skills or competencies.

The goal, Ken says, is to assure the best match so that both the employer and the applicant win.

“Everybody wants to succeed. Using a screening tool such as this, which in many cases can simulate the actual job, is the best way to bring long-term success for both the job applicant and the company.”

PRESS RELEASE 7/28/2020 EmployTest Helps Employers Make Better Hiring Decisions

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