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Hiring Remote Workers in Pandemic

The Federal Reserve estimates 47 million jobs may be lost in the pandemic, making work-from-home positions more desirable than ever before. Ken shares best practices for employers hiring remote workers and applicants seeking telework jobs

Stop Making These Hiring Mistakes

Among employers surveyed by CareerBuilder, 75% admitted to hiring the wrong candidate for a position, with bad hires costing an average of $17,000. Ken explains the top pitfalls and how hiring managers and HR professionals can avoid them.

How to Avoid Bias in Hiring

As a provider of pre-employment tests that follow EEOC and U.S. Department of Labor guidelines, Ken shares how companies, government agencies, and school systems and can make sure they hire people based on skills they can bring to the job.

How Smarter Hiring Boosts ROI

Adding the right employees helps business owners increase satisfaction and retention among existing employees and save time and money they might waste training the wrong person. Ken explains how pre-employment testing can help companies save money and boost their bottom line.

4 Top Qualities of Successful Remote Workers

Ken built EmployTest working from home (WFH). He explains the four qualities companies should look for in WFH candidates, as well as how online tests can help identify these attributes.

Human Skills That Machines Can’t Replace

As work becomes more automated, soft skills such as empathy and leadership are the foundation for solid employees and employment, especially in customer-facing roles. Ken shares the human skills in demand and how organizations can find workers with these attributes.

Flooded With Strong Candidates? Personalize Your Follow-Up

EmployTest’s skill tests include follow-up questions based on applicants' performance. Ken explains how companies can use follow-up questions in interviews to learn more about how applicants will perform on the job.

Hiring Across Generations: What Employers Need to Know

Millennial employees now make up more than half the workforce, and they are working with older employees as well as members of Generation Z now entering the workforce. Ken shares benefits of having a multi-generational team and tips for hiring and working across generations.

4 Essential Tech Skills for Today’s Workforce

With artificial intelligence and data literacy growing in importance, tech skills are essential for many jobs. Ken shares the skills most in demand, and how tests such as basic computer and Microsoft Office skills can help companies find workers who add immediate value.

Why Laid-Off Workers May Be Your Best Choice

With millions of Americans out of work, employers are being inundated with applications. Many companies that have traditionally given preference to employed applicants cannot afford to overlook this vast pool of talent. Ken explains how companies can screen a multitude of applicants to find the best candidates.

5 Skills Customer-Facing Employees Must Have

No company wants to lose customers due to bad service. Ken shares skills from EmployTest’s Customer Service Aptitude Test that all customer service employees should possess.
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